Sometimes we don’t have enough time for playing games; but we still should have some rest to avoid the stress. Here is the simple casual game where you’ll be directing a magnetic experiment:

Some nucleons are kept inside the experimental area by magnetic fields. But sometimes the energy level goes over the limit, and these nucleons are running away. You have to keep it under control and prevent nucleons from leaving the experimental area.

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As a parent, how often did you have to frantically run into the child’s room for each suspicious rustling when he was sleeping or trying to sleep?

Did you have to stand at the door for a while, listening to what he was doing: playing or falling asleep?

BabyPods will allow you to avoid half of these tedious procedures: just leave one earphone near your baby and insert the other into your ear.

Now you can hear what the child is actually doing, even while you’re taking a bath, or watching football in the next room behind a closed door.

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Meet the new fresh look of MiniMonth for iOS.
This app has a long story since 2008 year when is started for Windows Mobile platform.

Now, it has been rewritten from scratch using modern SwiftUI framework for iOS, with some new features supported, and available for every device running iOS 13.2 or above.

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How often have you had to delete old photos and videos to free up space on your device?
This common, and often inconvenient, practice tends to be tedious and time-consuming.

Photornado seeks to simplify and speed up this process by helping you find, compare, and delete unneeded media files.

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